UNION ALUMIMUM(NANJING) CO.,LTD.  is a tube manufacturer of auto cooling system, located in Luhe Economic Development Zone, Nanjing, China, with USD 3.28 million investments and 30000 square meter area. It has been approved ISO/TS 16949:2009.
     We import first tube mill from Mill Master in 2007 Which are world-class tube machines,making high frequency welded radiator tubes,intercooler tubes. since then, our technical team is continuously learning and researching, and we also  invited Germany technical experts,  discussing and R&D together,seeking the advantage of German-american technology. We successfully develop and manufacture many moulds and Finally tube mill by ourselves.
Its main product is High Frequency welded Aluminum Radiator Tubes, including but not limited to the most popular using sizes
12*1.5, 12*1.71, 13*1.75,14.55*1.5, 14.5*2.0, 16*1.4, 16*1.5, 16*1.8, 16.5*1.75,16*2.0, 16*2.5,18*1.5,18*2.0,20*2.0,22*2.0,22*1.5,22*1.6,22.5*1.5,23.5*1.95,23.5*2.0,25*2.0,25.5*1.75,26*1.2,26*1.4, 26*1.5, 26*2.0, 27*1.5,32*1.75,32*2.0, 40*2.0, 19*4.0, 32*7.6, 50*7.6, 50*7.88, 50*8.08, 62*10.1, 64*7.6,64*7.88,64*8.08,80*7.88 and etc., it also accepts to develop new sizes according to customers drawings and/or samples. 
Meanwhile, we also have good sales of tubes abroad, we have customers in Thailand, Iran, Austria, India, Taiwan, Russia and etc..And we also provide quick delivery and good service, with the business concept "To Meet Your Needs with Our Sincere, Intelligence and Hard Work".

  • Precision High Frequency welded Tube Mills

    Precision High Frequency welded Tube Mills

    We import first tube mill from Mill Master in 2007 Which are world-class tube machines,its product which meet the highest quality standards of automotive industry,making high frequency welded radiator

  • Precision Mould

    Precision Mould

    American optimizated design, direct forming welding,no welding deflection, no leak welding, surface no pinched.ģ߹Specificationں Wall TH12*1.5/1.71/2.00.25-0.3514.55*1.5/2.00.25-0.3516*1.4/1.5/1.7/1

  • Precision Forming

    Precision Forming

    German mountain-down method design, high precision machining center, precision transmission parts ensure aluminum precision forming.

  • High Frequency Welding

    High Frequency Welding

    Swedish technology, HAZ precision high-frequency welding mill ensure the quality of weld.German technology welding device ensure Al strip precision welding, welding fin ensure weld on accurate positio

  • Straighten & Sizing

    Straighten & Sizing

    German mountain-down method of design, American optimizated mould design, high precision machining center, no surface scratch, not affect the brazing, tube does not distort, good size consistency.  

  • Eddy current Tester

    Eddy current Tester

    American technology precision eddy current flaw detection machine ensure that for each weld accurate detection and alarm disposal.  

  • Precision Cutting

    Precision Cutting

    American continuous rotary cutting machine, exact sizes, no burr, no cut deformation.

  • Electronic control & Transmission system

    Electronic control & Transmission system

    Germany's Siemens control system ensure accurate control and transmissionAmerican technology and high precision drive system, small beats, torque and constant power continuous output; Save power a

  • Advanced  Testing Equipment

    Advanced Testing Equipment

    UNION has the advanced complete testing equipment, strong technical force, first-class detector, scientific production technology, high-quality workforce, the maximum control and guarantee the product

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